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Helps Females Develop Healthy Self-Confidence

The Girl You are Amazing Kit promotes self love, confidence, positive self-esteem and healthy decision making.

The Girl You are Amazing Kit is filled with activities and fun goodies that help women and girls create positive thoughts and actions for their lives. It is a great source of motivation and the individuals that have used this kit have reported an increase in confidence and self-esteem. 

The activities only take a few minutes per day to complete but will have a lasting impact.  

The Girl, You are Amazing Kit was designed to be an easy to use resource that helps both women and girls develop a greater sense of self-love and higher self-esteem. 

The Girl, You are Amazing Kit focuses on 4 key areas:

  1. helping you become more aware of your thoughts about yourself
  2. helping you develop a healthier sense of self-love & a more positive view of yourself
  3. helping you envision the life you want 
  4. helping you become committed to loving the female you see in the mirror

The Girl, You are Amazing Kit includes:

  • Instruction Booklet
  • Content Card
  • Girl, You are Amazing Pen
  • Girl, You are Amazing Journal
  • Girl, You are Amazing Mirror
  • Gift Card
  • Confidence Tips
  • Your Words are Power Activity
  • I AM Activity
  • My Amazing Life Activity
  • Mirror Activity 
  • And Additional Goodies

​The Girl You are Amazing Kit is available for girls ages 7 and up and women of all ages.

Group and Corporate Kits are available. Contact

Gain the confidence and courage to overcome your negative self-talk and emotions.

Make an investment in yourself or another female who would benefit from learning how to love and value herself more and develop skills to increase her confidence & self-esteem.  




Real Reasons Why Women Need the Girl, You are Amazing Kit

  My self esteem stems from childhood like most people but very recently I was dogged by a guy I thought I loved. I'm just tired and would like for the love I have for others to be reciprocated to me for once. I always seem to love harder, care deeper and am left feeling worthless holding the stick. I don't feel like I deserve this pain or to live my life like this.


The top wish among all teen girls is for their parents to communicate better with them. This includes frequent & more open conversations. Shapiro, Hannah, "Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty Boosts Girl's Self Esteem for Back to School."

The Girl, You are Amazing Kit provides an opportunity for positive & productive time for parents and their daughters. It makes conversations about sensitive topics much easier & allows you the opportunity to get a better understand your child.