We provide self-esteem enhancing tools to help females love themselves more


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About Us

Who We Serve

We have resources available to help women, girls, parents and mentors/community leaders who work with females. Our products and services will allow for an open dialogue in a unique and comfortable manner. Utilize such resources as the Girl, You are Amazing Kit to discuss bullying, peer pressure, body image, self-esteem issues and a variety of other topics that affect females. 

How We're Helping

We are a community-based organization founded by Jessica Green. Our company is based on the belief that a female who has learned to love herself completely and grows confident in her abilities is unstoppable.  She has the potential to not only accomplish her dreams but change the world. We offer products and services that help both women and girls develop a greater level of confidence, self-esteem and self worth. 

Get Involved

Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team! 

A Message to parents

As a parent we know you want your child to be happy and confident. Let us support you in your efforts to help your child develop the confidence she needs to succeed in life. 

What We Offer

The Girl, You are Amazing Kit

The Girl, You are Amazing Kit promotes self-love, confidence, positive self-esteem and healthy decision making. 

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The Girl, You are Amazing Party

The Girl, You are Amazing Party is a fun and unique way to address serious issues that affect women & girls. The activities and games are centered increasing self-worth and improving self-esteem.

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Additional Resources

Research has shown that regardless of culture, women lack the same level of self-esteem as men.  Often times, this low view of self starts at a very young age for females. Our company has several tools & resources available to help females increase their confidence and self-esteem & develop a more positive view of themselves.  

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Featured Products

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Inspiring Young Ladies to Understand Their Value

As a mother to a young daughter, I thought it was necessary to donate in an aim to help a young lady learn to love herself and boost her self-esteem. I love to see women succeeding in life, and felt as if this would be a great avenue to potentially have a substantial impact on the future of a deserving young woman. I truly hope that this donation helps inspire a young lady to understand her value and realize that “Girl, You are Amazing!” 

Yes!! Men Show Their Support as Well!

 In order to truly save our kids from the dangers of the streets, you have to partner with like minded people who are willing to go in the trenches for our youth/teens survival. It was a PLEASURE to meet with Jessica Green and partner with her on my "DEFEAT THE STREETS" Youth Battleground Initiative. Jessica is the proud creator of the "GIRL, YOU ARE AMAZING" Empowerment Kit.
It is a wonderful program that will definitely change the mindset and life of so many young girls struggling with confidence and loving themselves. I am proud to say I purchased one, and now a proud owner of the kit myself, and will be helping to push this amazing tool to my people and beyond. 

Sometimes the Encourager needs Encouraging!

 I felt it would be necessary for me to purchase a “Girl, You’re Amazing” kit for myself because sometimes the encourager needs encouraging. It’s important that I feed into myself as I pour into others. No need for me to walk around empty. Thank you, Jessica, for such an innovative tool that every woman and girl needs. 

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Girl, You are Amazing is a division of Awakening Destiny LLC.

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We are dedicated to helping all females recognize their amazingness. Your contribution today helps us make a difference. Sponsor a female to receive a free Girl, You are Amazing Kit to help her increase her confidence and self-esteem.